Get Ready! Get Set! GO!!

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just like millions of others around the globe, I was so fascinated by the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. There were the best of the best competing for the GOLD! My favorite sport of all is Track & Field. I’ve always loved to watch for the speed or endurance that the runners have.  Unlike how it was governed in years past, runners are no longer allowed a false start. If anyone comes out of the gate before they hear the gun they are automatically disqualified. There are no exceptions. Thank goodness that is not the case in real life. It is not the case in business either.  If you take a leap of faith and try something and it doesn’t succeed, you get to go back to the start line and try again! How great is that? You get to dust yourself off go back to the start line and go for the GOLD all over again!

The question is, what exactly are you striving for? It is very important that you are clear about what you want to accomplish in both your personal and professional life. What will success look like? What will it feel like? Who will be with you? You must take the time to think about the details and begin to prepare the way accordingly.  Think about the tools that you will need to finish the race. What personality attributes do you need? What education/skills? Who do you need to meet and talk to? What books could you read to give you insight and understanding? Which organizations could you join?  Obtaining the answers to these questions is part of the preparation to getting ready and getting set for your unique and special race.  However, don’t let the exploration and answers to these questions bog you down or manifest fear and doubt within your mind. You must make movement and go towards the finish line!

The next Summer Olympics is four years away but your personal Olympics is still on until YOU reach the finish line!

Get READY! Get SET! GO!!


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