Tune Up Your Career!

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Businessman keeping an adjustable wrench in his pocket

No matter where you are at in your professional career it is always a good idea to take a moment to assess your accomplishments and your future goals. By taking the time to pause and connect to your professional activity, you will start to see which areas need more of your attention. Where are your strengths? Where are your challenges?

Look for ways to add shine to your strengths. There may be additional opportunities for you to serve with your gifts through volunteer work, mentoring, or even coaching and teaching someone else. We often become sharper with our own skills when we take the time to pay it forward and teach someone else.

Explore books, blogs, and special interest groups in your local area or online that focus on your particular career specialty. Always expand the breadth of your knowledge and understanding and stay on top of the current trends in your field. This is going to give you the slight edge that you need to accelerate your succes.

Taking an online class or a continuing education course could also help tune up your career. Many colleges and universities offer great classes that can help expand your knowledge base.

Learning never ends and when you are learning something that you are passionate about, it will motivate you and help keep you excited about your future. If you are in need of a career tune up try some of these tips and tools and you will find yourself meeting with great success.


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