Taylored 4 U Enterprises is a service based company with YOU in mind! The mission of Taylored 4 U is to help educate, elevate & empower organizations and individuals.  Founder and CEO Cherise Taylor used her passion for helping people, her education, and all her talents and gifts to help people get what she calls a life lift. “My mentor, Pat says it best, ‘we are better together’.  I want to work with you in helping you to obtain a fuller life, filled with the spiritual, relational, financial, personal and professional success!

Taylored 4 U Enterprises has four arms; Taylored 4 U Training & Development, Turn A New Leaf Counseling & Coaching, Reader’s Lane, & Studio C.

Taylored 4 U Training & Development is the anchor service which offers motivational speaking and training.  From Customer Service & Team Building to Conflict Resolution and Supervisory Skills; Taylored 4 U has you covered offering over 2 dozen different workshops to help take your team and your business to the next level of success. T 4 U Training & Development workshops and presentations are interactive, fun and will motivate you to take actions that get results.

Reader’s Lane has the whole family in mind by  offering  Library Literacy, Computer Therapy & Motivational Mentorship programs for youth.  An avid reader and researcher, Cherise has always wanted to share her passion for reading. Having worked in her school’s library for work study in college and then as a library assistant for Rockwood School district and 10 1/2 years for St. Louis County Library, Cherise loves to share her passion for books and reading. Workshops and small group instruction are offered to individuals and organizations on Library Literacy, Basic E-Readers & Tablet usage. Reader’s Lane also offers Computer Therapy to help assist those who feel a little hesitant about starting to use a computer, shop online, and do email.

Studio C was birthed out of Cherise’s passion for singing and performing. A professional singer in her community for over 20 years, Cherise know’s how to connect a song to an audience. Studio C gives you the opportunity to utilize Cherise’s voice for your special occasion or in the studio for the special project that you are putting together. Voice over work for your organizations promotional and on air marketing is also available. Cherise has a clear, comforting and versatile voice that will go over well with any audience.

Turn A New Leaf Coaching and Counseling serves as the second anchor service of Taylored 4 U Enterprises.  Developing a passion for helping people at a very early age, Cherise was fascinated by her classes taken in Sociology and Psychology in high-school. As an adult, Cherise went on to earn her MA in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University. Turn A New Leaf Coaching and Counseling also sponsors a Life Empowerment Group for women called Precious Jewels. Precious Jewels meets at local library locations in St. Louis/St. Charles and brings in special guest to talk about topics most important to women.

Taylored 4 U is about serving you and providing services that add value to your life personally and professionally.

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