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Have you ever been behind a driver who seemed to be almost too cautious when it came to taking a turn? I know that you have. We all have. We must absolutely be cautious drivers. The highways and byways are not places to throw caution to the wind but they are also not places to be frozen in fear. Look both ways and when it’s clear…GO! Sometimes it seems that people are almost waiting until the path is busy with cars again before they put the petal to the metal and go!

In three easy steps you can get out of neutral, foot off the brake and be rearin’ and ready to go.

Step 1. Pray Ask for direction and wisdom from God. And I am not talking about one of those shout out prayers. I am talking about earnestly seeking the Lord and pouring out your heart about the desires of your heart and the decisions that you are facing.  Take the time to search God’s word and seek out scripture that speaks to your situation. After all the Bible is our Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.  The answers are there. Be silent before God. Clear all the clutter out of your mind. Relax. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you.

Step 2. Plan Create a plan of action. Start with all of your major goals. Create goals in all of the areas of your life that mean the most to you. They may include spiritual growth, relationships, health, career, home, intellectual development and so much more. Create action steps for each of your goals and give them deadlines. It says in the Bible in Habkkuk 2:2 to write the vision on tablets (paper will be just fine) that you may read it and run. Create the plan and run with it until it is completed.

Step 3. Persist Obstacles are going to come. You are going to be slow in moving towards your goals from time to time. There may be interruptions and setbacks but you just decide to use those moments to develop your bounce back skills! Bounce back! Bounce back! Keep on getting back up. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep doing that little thing daily and you will begin to see great, great, positive change manifest in your life.

Don’t keep waiting for the ABSOLUTE PERFECT time! Look both ways and take YOUR TURN! Your dreams come true await!