A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Most of us have heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And most of us have also probably heard the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ However, we all have done just that haven’t we? We have judged a book by its cover. We judge a lot of things by their covers, do we not? I believe that we do, and I also believe that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to promoting our personal brand.

Facebook, which I call the Godfather of all social media at the time of this writing, has established a very casual atmosphere as far as picture sharing goes. People take pictures with their family while on vacation, they share pictures of themselves relaxing at home or out on the town with their friends. It’s a common finding on Facebook. What has also long been custom on Facebook is a very casual profile pic. Most people post a selfie to present their profile picture and call it a day. What has become even more of a trend currently is the car selfie. People wait for a good hair day and take a casual picture of themselves sitting in the car. Again, this is the norm on Facebook and other more casual social media sites. My question to the business professional and job seeker is whether or not such a casual pictures serves as the best presentation of self on a business site such as LinkedIn.  Sure, a selfie is fine. Nothing necessarily wrong with it; but is it the BEST presentation of you and your personal brand?

I think that everyone has to consider their personal brand and image online and ask whether or not the pictures and posts permeating their social media platforms conveys them in the way that they most want. If I want a prospective business partner or customer to see me as a serious professional, does my presentation of self convey that; do I look like I have arrived in the big leagues or do I look like I’m making my way to the big leagues and perhaps having a rough go of it.

What are your thoughts about selfies/car selfies on business websites and/or professional networking sites like LinkedIn? Please share your thoughts.             A PROFESSIONAL PICTURE


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